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Poster: pegzmasta Date: Mar 16, 2016 2:35pm
Forum: web Subject: Challenge: Read, Reply, and Correct! [The Internet Archive is tasked with preserving content on the Internet, but will it preserve and fix it's own forums?]

I hereby challenge all users of the Internet Archive (including admins and Archivists) to read the post about the forum problem, thoroughly.

Admins and programming engineers of the Internet Archive, please respond with a meaningful reply to the following posts in particular:

The Most recent posts link is not listed on the forums page anymore; thus, in order to ensure that the maximum amount of users have visibility on this particular topic now that Beta (v2) is here to stay, I have posted this thread.

Do not reply to this thread, though– you can, but I won't respond. Instead, reply to the thread of interest (I will respond about the forum problem here). The Exit button for Beta has just been removed… I urge you to let your feedback be known.

Folks, Beta is here to stay. Let's ensure it's a Beta we're willing to live with! Let's start by fixing the forum problem, so that we can have better communication with each other. Bringing the Most recent posts link back is no longer good enough for having a decent forum. At this point, we first need links that point to said forums to actually work.

> The Most recent posts link is not listed on the forums page anymore…

This particular issue does not represent the forum problem. Click on the very first link in this post and read in depth about the bugs, blank forums, hidden forums, old ChangeLog (this is where bugs and features were tracked), suggested fixes, commands that allow you to Fact-Check the very post itself (in case any are doubtful of the forum problem), and more!

Last thing: Bookmarking, while convenient, does not solve the forum problem (especially for new users). The Internet Archive should restore the useful links that were removed, and fix the current links that fail which numbers in the hundreds.

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